Chris James IKF Supermiddleweight British Champion on the way to winning the belt by way of knock out

Joesph Bale 2nd Dan has now officially opened Budo Juku Karate Club in Dubai

A small class to give novices a steady introduction to the MMA your place
Tel.07765042414 just pay as you go.

Arthur Meek | 07765042414

ALL OR NOTHING is the slogan used by the members of BudoJukuMartialArtsSchool

BUDO JUKU means ‘martial arts school’ and was set up in 1992 when club instructor Arthur Meek moved his Karate club, then known as Ken-yu-kan, from a school premises to a full time dojo. Arthur decided to introduce a Kickboxing club into the weekly curriculum and so felt a more appropriate name would be suitable.

 WADO RYU KARATE in Bridgwater has been in existence since the late sixties and Arthur Meek trained in the original club in 1975 at the age of fifteen. Its original concept of ‘reality fighting’ by its founder Hironori Ohtsuka has always been in the mind of Arthur Meek when training and teaching

KICKBOXING in Bridgwater has also been established for some time at different venues but the Budo Juku club has been instrumental in producing top quality full contact fighters and bringing them into the public domain with the highly successful Fight Night series of events at The Palace Nightclub.

ARTHUR MEEK feels the blend of Wado Ryu Karate fighting methods together with its discipline and etiquette, plus the contact element and physical training of Kickboxing can produce an all round Martial Artist with both skill and courage.

The future of BudoJukuMartialArtsSchool is to maintain the traditional discipline of its long history but to allow technique to evolve and adapt to the requirements of an all round martial artist. Above all the diligent training should help develop outstanding character.